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1.1.1 RPM Installation (Linux)

RPM Installation (Linux)

For most users, the simplest way to install Centrallix is to use the prebuilt RPM packages available on the SourceForge download website. It is important to make sure at least the following three packages are installed:

centrallixMain Centrallix Server
centrallix-libFoundation library
centrallix-osFilesystem-based ObjectSystem

If you are not using an RPM-based distribution, check to see if you have tools for installing RPM packages.

If you want to enable Sybase CT-Lib support, also install the centrallix-sybase RPM package. For XML support, if you have the proper version of libxml available, also install centrallix-xml. These packages are separate from the main Centrallix package because not everyone has the correct libraries required for these prebuilt packages.

For a basic install, download the required RPM packages into a temporary directory, and from that directory run:

rpm --install centrallix*0.9.1*.i386.rpm centrallix*0.9.1*.noarch.rpm


João Rodrigues on 2009-Dec-23 08:10
I locate a soluction using forkeroot and alien.



Greg on 2009-Dec-22 13:57
We don't have deb packages yet, but we do have someone who has done deb package work for us - so hopefully we will :)

João Rodrigues on 2009-Dec-15 11:55
I use ubuntu 8.04, do you have deb packages to install?


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