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1.1 Installing Centrallix


On a Linux system, you have several options for installing Centrallix, via pre-built packages (such as RPM's), from the source (as a normal user on your system), or from the source as the system administrator. These options are described in further detail below.

On Windows, you will need to download Cygwin and build Centrallix from source (.tgz files) under Cygwin.

On MacOS X, you will need to build from source (.tgz files).


We're now distributing Centrallix in an "everything" package -- an archive of all the packages (between 5 and 12 package files) in the Centrallix distribution. See http://sourceforge.net/projects/centrallix/files/ for the available files, and download the appropriate one for the type of install you're doing. Check its SHA1SUM, unpack the archive, and proceed to one of the below Install Options.

OR, you can download from the CVS repository for the most up-to-date bleeding-edge version. See our Sourceforge project page http://sf.net/projects/centrallix for details.

Install Options

Choose one of the following:

RPM Installation on Linux systems, where prebuilt binary RPMs are available.

Source RPM Installation on Linux systems where prebuilt binary RPMs are not available.

Source Installation on Windows (Cygwin) and MacOS X systems, as well as on non-RPM-based Linux systems, or where you want to enable/disable specific compile-time configuration options.


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